ID Ø 10 mm
Assy: AT7-0008-CB
Ø 1/2" to 10 mm. Nickel-plated brass
Assy: AT7-0017-CB
Installation kit for AUTOTERM combiBOIL
Assy: AT7-0018-CB
Connection size - 1/2"
Assy: AT7-0013-CB
1,4 bar pressure pump for water systems
Assy: AT7-0010-CB
Ø 1/2' 0.5-6 Bar
Assy: AT7-0006-FF0
Assy: AT7-0012-CB
Ø 15,7-16.5 mm
Assy: AT7-0016-CB
OD Ø 10 mm
Assy: AT7-0014-CB
ID Ø 10 mm
Assy: AT7-0009-CB
Ø 1/2" to 10 mm
Assy: AT7-0011-CB
OD Ø 10 mm
Assy: AT7-0015-CB