Independence of manufacture

We are happy to announce that in 2022 Q3 AUTOTERM took a big step into the manufacturing industry by opening two new manufacturing plants. One of them Is based in Latvia (Europe) for the Air series & Flow series heater manufacturing and the second one is based in Baku (Azerbaijan).

Currently, we're already producing the well-known AUTOTERM Air & Flow series Heaters in Latvia. In addition to the base production, AUTOTERM also produces control units, control panels, glow plugs, and different accessories, such as fan coil heating systems and portable air heater travel boxes.

Latvian made EU Quality

We are working tightly with well-known suppliers & manufacturing partners to ensure that our products not only keep previously known quality standards but slowly improve over time.

Quality control of the new manufacturing plant has already been approved by internationally recognized standards ISO 9001:2015 / ISO 14001:2015, as well as our new Latvian-made air & liquid heaters have already received E2-122R & E2-10R conformity certificates that adhere to safe product use in any land or marine vehicle.

Our new Autoterm manufacturing plant located in Latvia is already fully operating and producing top-of-the-line heaters for all types of vehicles.

Experience the precision of the skilled hands of our workers, who create the high-quality Autoterm products that our customers trust and depend on.

To ensure the best quality possible, we test our heaters in 2 stages

All heaters pass the cold test to check their Electrical resistance and ensure that every internal component is fully operational.

Secondly, each heater is tested in real-life Environments for 30 minutes to measure the temperature of the generated airflow and the temperature & CO2 amount from emissions to ensure that every heater works according to guidelines.