Questions and answers

How does an air heater work?

  1. The heater unit is supplied with fresh air from outside or a well-ventilated room, which is drawn through an air intake pipe and sent to an internal combustion chamber.
  2. The received air is mixed with fuel, which is delivered by a metering fuel pump to form the air-fuel mixture.
  3. The produced mixture is then ignited by a glow plug, which starts the burning process to heat up the heat exchanger.
  4. Air is drawn from the air inlet with a fan and passed through the heat exchanger radiator fins. Finally, the heated air is pushed through a hot air outlet.

How does a liquid heater work?

The liquid heater’s unit is supplied with fresh air from outside, which is drawn through the air intake pipe, and sent to an internal combustion chamber.
The received air is mixed with fuel delivered by a metering fuel pump to form the air-fuel mixture.
The produced mixture then is ignited by a glow plug, which starts the burning process to heat up the heat exchanger.
Circulation pump coolant, water or any other heating system liquid is passed through the heat exchanger fins and is heated as a result.

Where does my Autoterm heater get fuel from?

Fuel can be supplied from an additional fuel tank or from the fuel tank of your vehicle.

What type of diesel fuel can I use for my Autoterm heater?

Standard diesel, Winter diesel.

Bio diesel is not accepted for use as a fuel. 

Bio diesel contains fast-growing bacteria which clogs up the fuel pump and burning chamber, damaging the heater.

Can I install an Autoterm heater myself?

If the heater is installed by a non-official Autoterm specialist or service point, then the heater’s installation needs to be verified by an Autoterm certified specialist.

Warranty is valid only if a certified Autoterm specialist has installed or inspected the installation of the heating system.

Will I have problems with technical inspections of the vehicle if I have installed an Autoterm heater?

All Autoterm heaters have required certificates for use in vehicles. If installation of the heater is conducted or approved by a certified specialist or installation has been done accordingly to manufacturers instructions no problems with technical inspection will occur.

Does my Autoterm heater need a regular technical inspection or service?

If the heater is turned on regularly - once in two weeks on maximum power for 30 minutes in the summer - and is opened and cleaned of dust a few times per year, no service or inspection is needed. These simple steps will help you to avoid technical problems with the heater, and make use of the heater straight-forward when, after a period of disuse, the cold season begins.

What is the maximum running time for the warranty?

  • Air heaters - 2000 hours
  • Liquid heater - 1000 hours

Can I control my Autoterm heater wireless via Android or iOS device?

Wireless control is possible only if the heater is connected to a modem QSTART or SIMCOM modem (modem is not included in heater set).

A modem is used for manual and automatic control of the heater and for sending data/notifications to a phone using SMS messages or 3G network.

* For QSTART modem to work, a SIM card is needed.

* For SIMCOM modem to work, a SIM card is needed.

Can I heat my car while driving?

If the Autoterm heater is installed correctly, according to the installation manual made by the manufacturer, it can be used while driving.

What is the maximum work time for Autoterm air heaters?

Our air heaters don't have limited time for heating.

Is it safe to leave Autoterm air heaters working overnight?

It is safe to leave any AUTOTERM air heater working overnight.

If the air heater’s control unit receives any error data it will stop working. Fail-safe system.

If the fail-safe systems turn off your heater, please contact a certified Autoterm specialist.

Will Autoterm air heater drain my battery overnight?

Autoterm air heaters automatically turn off when the battery power falls below 10V.

Working time depends on the battery’s AMP hours.

What is the maximum working altitude for Autoterm air heaters & liquid heaters?

  • Liquid heaters: 1000 m above sea level
  • Air heaters: 1600 m above sea level
  • Air heaters with High altitude control unit: 2500 m above sea level

What is the average efficient space that my Autoterm air heater can heat-up?

  • AUTOTERM Air 2D ~ 20 m3/h
  • AUTOTERM Air 4D ~ 40 m3/h
  • AUTOTERM Air 8D ~ 60 m3/h

How much fuel does a Autoterm air heater need per hour?

Fuel consumption depends on the heater’s maximum power output and working mode.

Fuel consumption

Min l/h

Max l/h













What is the difference between export & non-export Autoterm heaters?

Heaters that are designed for export markets like Europe, USA etc., have different components to those sold in CIS countries.

Example: different fuel pumps, control panels, exhaust silencer, exhaust pipe insulation, etc.

What are the benefits of Autoterm air heaters and in what type of vehicle can they be installed?

Benefits for air heaters from Autoterm:

• Reliable operation in low temperatures (up to -45°C)

• High quality and affordable price

• Low noise level and extended lifetime due to the

induction electric motor developed by the company

• Low fuel consumption

• All air heaters are equipped with the complete assembly set

• Self-diagnostic check

Air heaters can be installed in cars, trucks, campers, boats

What are the benefits of Autoterm liquid heaters and on what type of vehicle can they be installed?

Benefits of liquid heaters from Autoterm:

• Reliable in operation

• Low fuel consumption

• Secure starting of engine at low temperatures down to –45°C

• Prevention of cold start, which prolongs the lifetime of the engine

• Opportunity to heat the passenger compartment with the engine turned off

• Provide additional heating of the engine at extremely low temperatures

liquid heaters can be installed on any type of vehicle that uses a liquid cooling system - cars, vans, motor-homes, agricultural vehicles, boats etc.

Can an Autoterm air heater & a liquid heater be installed in the same car?

An Air heater and a liquid heater can be installed in one and the same vehicle.

For example: You can heat your engine with liquid heater and at the same time you can heat the truck’s cargo compartment with an air heater.