Caravans, Campers, Motorhomes

For those who love to travel with campers, caravans or motorhomes, we offer air heating and liquid heating solutions which will extend your traveling season.

Air heaters AUTOTERM Air 2D and AUTOTERM Air 4D will let you travel with comfort, by providing warm air in the cold season and dehumidification of the cabin when the climate is humid.

These two air heaters are most commonly used in these types of vehicles:

  • AUTOTERM Air 2D with 2 kW output – small caravans and campers
  • AUTOTERM Air 4D with 4 kW output – large campers and medium sized motorhomes

As both heaters are small in size you can install your heater unit in the floor and run the hot air through air ducting pipes, thus saving more space. Installation places may differ depending on the vehicle.

Liquid heaters AUTOTERM Flow 5D/5B and AUTOTERM Flow 14D, which are used primarily as engine pre-heaters, can also be installed together with small radiator systems to effectively heat your camper or motorhome.

These heaters can also be used to heat small boiler systems that let you have warm water from a tap or a shower.

Two most common installation places for liquid heaters:

  • Engine bay: If used as engine pre-heater
  • Vehicles floor or additional compartment:If used for heating radiators or boiler system

Both heating solutions have great fuel economy and can be supplied with fuel right from the vehicle’s fuel tank.

Air heaters

Air heaters offered by AUTOTERM are independent, diesel powered heating systems that can be easily and conveniently installed or retrofitted in your vehicle.

Liquid heaters

Liquid heaters offered by AUTOTERM, also known as water heaters, are independent, diesel powered heating systems that can be easily and conveniently installed or retrofitted in your vehicle.

Control options

AUTOTERM offered control panels let you choose how to operate your heater. From simple to advanced control panels & wireless modem for those who are always on the go – choose your way of control.


A water heating solution for both land and marine vehicles. As an exceptional addition to the AUTOTERM product family, this boiler seamlessly integrates with all AUTOTERM systems, catering to both existing users and those planning to install an AUTOTERM system in their vehicles.


The perfect solution for those who want to take their comfort with them on the go without a single installation needed.


AUTOTERM Warm Water kit provide's home comfort efficiency and effectiveness on the go by providing both room & domestic water heating. This heating solutions is based on fan coil heat-exchanger or convector system working together with AUTOTERM liquid heaters.