Travel Box 2.0

Assy: LV/TBOX/2D

A portable diesel heater with a built-in fuel tank and battery that doesn’t require a single installation. Designed to be reliable even when the temperature hits -40°C and altitude reaches 3000m.

For setting the exact temperature in your compartment, we suggest using the External Temperature Sensor, and for reliable air distribution, we strongly suggest the Durable Air Pipe!

The standard kit includes a 1m exhaust pipe and clamp, exhaust pipe insulation, 220V or 110V charger, and 12V power supply cable.

*The original Travel Box 2.0 packaging allows to add up to 3m of the Durable Air Pipe!*

Heating power: 2 KW

Fuel: Diesel

Voltage: 12V

Application: Universal

Control Unit with High Altitude Sensor

50x40x20 cm
22.5kg (with full fuel tank)
Works for 8 hours on max power
Built-in battery saver
Built-in fuel tank
Available multiple work modes
Works in altitude up to 3000m
12V 5A smart charger

For those valuing extra portability, the new Travel box 2.0 with its reduced size and weight will be the best choice.

By being in the size of a suitcase and weighing only 22,5kg with a full fuel tank, it gives the chance to save space and be mobile, while keeping most of AUTOTERM’s features.

Even working in the maximum power mode, the Travel box 2.0 will produce heat for up to 8 hours.

Frequently asked questions about this product.
A test at -5°C, heating a regular tent.
How fast can you
set it up?

Unmatched versatility for different environments

Can heat up tents to enhance outdoor camping comfort.
A great partner to take on hunting and fishing trips.
Works as a lifeline when emergency events like earthquakes, floods,or firefighting operations occur.
Ensures a comfortable work environment for construction site workers.
Can be used as a seasonal heating solution for boats and yachts.
An independent heating solution for trailers.

Easy control for easy usage

The AUTOTERM Travel Box 2.0 can be operated by a single button that’s located on top of the heater. When operating without an external temperature sensor, the heater works in 4 power levels, but with it, it’s possible to set 3 different target temperatures.

Without an external temperature sensor
With an external temperature sensor
How to do the first launch and what's included in the kit?

Take a look inside!

Travel Heater 2.0
Technical characteristics
High Low
Heating medium
Heating power
2.0 kW 1.0 kW
Heated air volume
86 m3/h 42 m3/h
Power consumption
29 W 11 W
Operation time with a full battery and fuel tank.
~8h ~18h
Victron AGM 22Ah
12v Charger
Blue smart charger 12V 5A (Bluetooth VictronConnect)
Max. work altitude (MASL)
Diesel - EN590
Fuel consumption
0.24 l/h 0.14 l/h
Control mode
Autoterm Push Control
Compatible control panels
Simple control, Comfort Control
Weight of the Travel Heater
22.5 kg With a full fuel tank, 18.5 kg Gross weight
Heater dimensions
500x400x200 mm