TENERE PERFORMA 3D - Liquid heat exchanger with fan

Air flow: 314 m3/h / ø 60 mm / 12V / 6.05 kW / 3-speed fan

Assy: FR027

Technical parameters:

Voltage: 12V

Nominal air flow: 314 m3/h

This heat exchanger has a 3-speed fan

Heating capacity, Ethylene glycol: 6.05 kW

3 x ø60 mm air sleeves for even hot air distribution

Inlet & outlet for ethylene glycol: ø16 mm

Maximum allowable inner temperature °C: 100

Maximum reachable inner temperature with AUTOTERM Flow series heater °C: 88

For fan speed control optional 4 position rotary switch FR018 is required.

Liquid heat exchanger with the fan is suitable for all the following liquid heaters:

Manufacturer: SIROCO

Installation Manuals

12 V
Electrical power
85 W
1.9 kg
Nominal air flow
314 m3/h
Heating capacity, Ethylene glycol
6.05 kW