Dual Pierburg liquid pump cable

Length 2.20 m / For: Flow 5 12V

Assy: 5129

Technical parameters:

This liquid pump cable allows to connect 2 Pierburg water pumps to AUTOTERM Flow 5 (12V) heater.

Use of two Pierburg liquid pump connection to one AUTOTERM Flow 5 (12V) heater is used when 2 different circulations are needed.


Passive water heat exchanger linked with AUTOTERM Flow 5 heater in a motohome or boat to heat water for sink or shower. One Pump for circulation of coolant from AUTOTERM Flow 5 to heat passive water heat exchanger and second pump to circulate/heat the fresh water through the heated passive water heat exchanger.

This cable is suitable with following products:

Liquid heaters:

Water pumps:

Length: 2.20 m