New products: Convectors & Insulated exhaust silencers

Jun 28, 2020

Active & Passive Convectors


These convectors goes great together with AUTOTERM Flow series heaters. Convector is a great addition to heat a single room


Heat exchangers 

Convector without fan Passive FR041 Heat output: 1.2 kW, Length: 1.0 meter More
Convector without fan Passive FR043 Heat output: 1.3 kW, Length: 1.5 meters More
Convector with fan Active FR042 Heat output: 1.4 kW, Length: 1.0 meters
  Convector with fan Active FR044 Heat output: 1.6 kW, Length: 1.5 meters More  

Insulated exhaust silencers


Stainless steel made exhaust silencer is sealed with sound and temperature absorbing mat and covered with aluminium pipe.


Silencers & More 

Exhaust silencer with insulation DE050 Diameter: Ø 38 mm , Length: 2 meters More
  Exhaust silencer with insulation DE052 Diameter: Ø 24 mm , Length: 2 meters More