New power supply cables / 14TC-MINI control panels and glow plugs

Mar 28, 2019

New power supply cables

We would like to draw your attention to an update on power supply cables for PLANAR series heaters. All PLANAR 2D and 44D now have new power supply cables. Previous power supply cables Assy.1499 (12V) and 1693 (24V) has been changed to Assy.4007 (12V) and Assy.3647 (24V). New power supply cables have new more convenient and moisture resistant fuse socket holders.

14TC-MINI new control units and glow plug

We would like to let you know, that in near future Autoterm will starts to sell liquid heaters 14TC-MINI, which have one and the same glow plug for both 12V and 24 V versions and new control units. You will be able to identify them by serial number, that starts with 4079xxxxxxx (12V) and 4076xxxxxxx (24V).

New 12V glow plug assy.3000 is able to work with 12V ( SN. – 4079… ) and 24V ( SN. – 4076… ) liquid heaters 14TC-MINI.

Interchangeable glow plug will only be compatible if the liquid heater 14TC-MINI has the new control unit assy.4082 (12V) or assy.4077 (24V).