Autoterm - New Modem / PU-27 Update / New package of 14TCmini

Dec 10, 2018


Autoterm wants to inform that we start selling a new model of a modem, which replaces the Simcom (assy.3465) model in our range of products.

We present a new modem Autoterm Qstart (assy.AT0028).


Autoterm Qstart will be delivered in the same cases as the Simcom modem, but will have several improved functions:

  • It works in the 3G network
  • It has faster performance and response
  • It has two new commands “signal” and “box” for easier service:
    - With the “Signal” command the modem will create a signal with strength on the scale from 1 to 5 and the operator’s name
    - With the “Box” signal – sends the last five errors of the heater
  • The modem may be used with or without preset numbers
  • The modem does not need to set-up administrator numbers.

For availability and prices of Autoterm Qstart contact your supplier.



Binar 5 S control panels

We would like to inform that from now on all the liquid heaters Autoterm Binar 5S will be supplied with upgraded LED digital control panels PU-27TM (assy.3630).


New package of 14TCmini.

We would like to inform that from now on all the liquid heaters Autoterm 14TCmini will be supplied in new, much smaller and better packages. You can see the new package on the image below.

Sizes and weight of packaging of Autoterm 14TCmini 12V: 58*37*36 cm, 15.6 kg

Sizes and weight of packaging of Autoterm 14TCmini 24V: 58*37*36 cm, 16.2 kg


Fuel pumps

Taking into account that several models of fuel pumps have become history and to clarify the matter about fuel pumps offered by Autoterm, we would like to inform you about the range we supply in the table below.


Names and compatibility of old and new Autoterm fuel pumps, which are produced in Russia

Compatibility with heaters

Fuel pump models →





Thomas magnete

Autoterm Planar 44D; 8DM; 9D; 14TCmini 12V





P326 12V

Autoterm Planar 44D; 8DM; 9D; 14TCmini 24V





P326 24V

Autoterm Planar 2D; Binar 5S 12V





P327 12V

Autoterm Planar 2D; Binar 5S 24V





P327 24V

* - Fuel pumps, which are no longer produced and supplied
** - TH-9 latest ordinary fuel pump
*** - TH-11 "silent" fuel pump
Thomas magnete fuel pumps are produced in Germany and is supplied in all heaters


About changes in production

From November 2018 the plant replaces its metal clamp for the exhaust pipe in all configurations of heaters Autoterm Planar 2D, Autoterm Planar 44D un Autoterm Binar 5S. Current clamp assy.2649 are replaced with reinforced stainless steel clamp.


Due to changes in sets of Autoterm heaters, we extend the range of our parts with the same clamp assy.AT0026.

AT0026 is a reinforced stainless steel clamp with an inner diameter 26-28mm. This clamp clasps the exhaust pipe 360° helping to fix it better and reduces the possibility for heater gases to flow out along edges.

Moreover, from November liquid heaters Binar 5S at the plant will be equipped with the same two-layer exhaust pipe as Autoterm Planar models.

Therefore, these changes will get to the consumer within a few months.


Notice on warranty matters

We would like to inform you that the guarantee period for spare parts replaced during the warranty period of the heater is six (6) months of the time remaining from the initial guarantee, whichever the first.

We wish you all a productive season!