AUTOTERM Baltica - Coming Soon !

Jul 20, 2021



A Full heating system solution
Coming soon!
We are pleased to introduce you to our range of AUTOTERM Baltica systems.
Baltica will have 3 different systems available.
● AUTOTERM Baltica S
(will be available as an assembly kit)
● AUTOTERM Baltica M
(will be pre-built in a mounting frame)
● AUTOTERM Baltica L
(is a larger pre-built system in a mounting frame)
Autoterm europe
With AUTOTERM Baltica we have achieved home comfort efficiency and effectiveness on the go by providing both room heating & heated domestic water.
The working principle of the AUTOTERM Baltica system is based on a fan coil heat-exchanger or convector system working together with AUTOTERM liquid heaters.
Autoterm europe
For: Vans, small campers & boats
Up to 2 room heating & domestic water

Max altitude: 1000 m
Baltica S - is a full heating solution from AUTOTERM that allows you to heat from 1-2 rooms with 2 fan coil heat-exchangers. To provide the option of heated domestic water a passive heat-exchanger or a boiler is linked to a hot coolant system. As this system comes with the 5 kW AUTOTERM Flow 5 heater it will be controlled via the Comfort Control panel & an additional panel for fan coil speed control.
For: Vans, small campers & boats
Up to 2 room heating & domestic water

Max altitude: 3200 m
Baltica M - is a ready to use heating system from AUTOTERM that comes in a fixed frame. This frame allows Baltica M to be installed easily and quickly in your vehicle. There is a 7" touchscreen control panel that allows you to control the user-friendly system with ease. This heating system will be equipped with a 6 kW liquid heater & 1 fan coil heat-exchanger that is already pre-installed in the frame.
For: Medium & large motorhomes, boats & small Yachts
Up to 4 room heating & domestic water

Max altitude: 2500 m
Baltica L - is a powerful, ready to use heating system that is pre-assembled in a fixed frame. It is essentially the same but larger & more powerful heating solution than Baltica M, with the coolant hoses & heat exchangers needing to be installed in your preferred location. Equipped with a 10 kW AUTOTERM liquid heater & 4 individually controlled fan coil heat-exchangers, AUTOTERM Baltica L is the best choice for large boats & motorhomes. With the 7" touchscreen control panel, Baltica L gives you full control over which room to heat and the comfort of your desired temperature.