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A water heating solution for both land and marine vehicles. As an exceptional addition to the AUTOTERM product family, this boiler seamlessly integrates with all AUTOTERM systems, catering to both existing users and those planning to install an AUTOTERM system in their vehicles.

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Heat water in multiple ways!

The combiBOIL boiler is compatible with:

AUTOTERM Air Series - Water is heated by the hot air going through the boiler.
AUTOTERM Flow Series - Water is heated from the hot coolant circulating in the boiler
As well as it works Independently, powered by electricity.
7-Litre Version
272 x 419 x 272 mm

Available configurations:

12V 300W 24V 600W
9-Litre Version
272 x 579 x 272 mm

Available configurations:

12V 300W 24V 600W 120V 500W 230V 500W
12-Litre Version
272 x 484 x 272 mm

Available configurations:

12V 300W 24V 600W 120V 500W 230V 500W

Autoterm combiBOIL is equipped with:

  • Built-in coolant heat exchanger & pressure relief valve.
  • 230mmStainless steel tank (316L).
  • Rotatable metal shell for versatile installations.
  • Built-in thermostat in 120 and 230V heating elements (12/24V option coming soon).
  • Insulation made of closed-cell PU foam that minimizes heat loss.
  • Standard G1/2'' thread connections for flexible installations.
  • A drain valve that ensures safe winter storage.

This boiler is made in Western Europe by top-tier craftsmen. The outer shell is made from stainless steel to be durable, shock and saltwater-resistant.

Comfort Boiler Control

The AUTOTERM Comfort Boiler Control is an upgraded version of the Autoterm Comfort Control panel that gives full control over the cobiBOIL.

Key Features of the AUTOTERM Boiler Control entail:

  • Displaying water temperature in real-time;
  • Target water temperature is adjustable from 50-80°C;
  • Water heating hysteresis is adjustable 5-25°C from the target temperature

Safety features entail:

  • Turning off the heating when the water temperature reaches 85°C;
  • Frost protection - When the water temperature drops to 2°C, the heater will automatically heat the water to +15°C and Air to +7°C, protecting the boiler from freezing.